Company Enrollment Application

For 20 or more, continue on with your submission but please do contact us at 1-800-457-5508 for special pricing.

As an Authorized Representative of the above named company, I hereby agree to participate in the ADTS~Alcohol & Drug Testing Services Substance Abuse Program as indicated. I agree to abide by all rules, policies and procedures of the program. I acknowledge that at anytime either party may cancel this contract with a thirty- (30) day written notice. I acknowledge enrollment in this program will expire 12 months from the date of this contract and that this contract will automatically renew on the next day following expiration unless notification in writing is received by ADTS prior to the expiration date. I understand I have thirty (30) days to review the ADTS ~Alcohol & Drug Testing Services Compliance Package and if I am not completely satisfied, upon return of the complete package, I will receive a full refund of fees. I understand the entire contents of the ADTS~Alcohol & Drug Testing Services Substance Abuse Program is the sole property of ADTS and cannot be transferred or reproduced in any fashion without the express written permission of ADTS~Alcohol & Drug Testing Services.

Result Reporting & Employee / Driver Profile
The information provided in this section will establish the protocol that ADTS will follow when reporting the confidential test results to your company. Changes to this protocol must be made in writing.
Confidential drug testing information to be reported to:
ADTS will always call immediately upon receiving a POSITIVE result.
We will accept your company employee list in lieu of our Employee / Driver Profile
ADTS Services Included in Progam
  • Quarterly Compliance Package
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • 24-Hour Support Service
  • Random Selection Program for Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • MIS Reporting & Record Maintenance
  • Random Urine Drug Screen, Collection, Analysis, MRO
  • GCMS Confirmation, if required
  • Random Alcohol Testing (With Confirmation)
  • Nationwide Collection Site Locations
Additional Services Provided @ Fee Schedule
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Post-Accident Testing
  • Suspicion & Cause Testing
  • Return-to-Duty & Follow Up testing
  • Reanalysis or Split Specimen Testing upon written notification
  • Hair Testing
  • Rapid Drug Screen Testing
  • Saliva Alcohol Testing
  • On-Site Testing