About Us

ADTS was formed in 1996 by the owner of a small trucking company after finding he and his drivers would have to comply with the new DOT drug testing requirements. The owner, Joe Helberg, had spent more than 14 years behind the wheel of a truck and was looking for an easier way to make a living than the 80-hour workweeks he was accustomed too. While piloting his 40-ton rig across the bay area highways, Joe read through the mountains of government documents to educate himself on the rules and regulations and the necessary steps to comply with the drug testing requirements. Hence, the first ADTS program was created while driving down highway 101 and sold to fellow truckers.

Today, with the assistance of some very dedicated associates, a constant learning curve and a desire to provide a first-rate service, ADTS has grown its client base to beyond just the trucking industry, and now serves more than 5,000 companies across the country.

We invite you to “Test” our services to see for yourself our dedication to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.